Changing His Game

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Oh gosh. Guys, I love to be blown away and this book is something else. Seriously, this beauty is a freaking curve ball.
I thought after reading and LOVING Megan's Bowler University series that I knew her writing style. Boy was I wrong.
FYI, Changing His Game is a Brazen novel, and in my head, that pretty much means full steam ahead. I'll be honest and say that I had a few reservations on how Megan's writing (what I was used too reading) wasn't going to be up to par. After the first few pages, I now know not to ever doubt Mrs. Megan Erickson.

Marley and Austin are somethin' else.  If you look up the word "independent" in the dictionary you will see both Marley and Austin (separately). Everything they do is to benefit themselves, that's not to say that they are selfish people, they're far from selfish if you ask me. They do things by themselves because they trust no one to do it right. 
Marley is a female in a male dominated field, and she is proud to say that she got there all through her own acts. She's the person that goes, "Thank you for your help but I don't necessarily need it. If I can't do it myself, I'll work harder until I can." Yeah, there's some bad logic in that, but if you ask me that's admirable compared to what other people are doing to get ahead.

Austin is super fudging fine. He has his issues (I mean, come on, who doesn't), but it's his issues that make him more human. Without them, he would be freaking flawless, but we all know that that's not attainable, both in a personal sense and a relationship one. It's through these issues that we see, especially Austin, that we need someone to balance us out, someone in our corner who is there for us when these issues arise. And I was so freaking ecstatic when Austin realized that that person was Marley.

Now when they're together, They're bunnies reincarnated, and I couldn't have asked for better bunnies.

Guys, Changing His Game was a FUN ride. The puns are corny as hell and yet freaking adorable, the steam is freaking steamy (how the heck does one describe steam???), the character depth was A+, and pretty much this beauty was freaking great. You NEED TO BUY IT, just trust me on this.

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