Vangie and Maf React To: Upside Down by Lia Riley

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What is this you may be asking? Well, honestly we don't know. ("We" being Maf from Maf's Crazy Book Life and Vangie from Painful Reads). All we know is that we love books and talking about them, and wanted to share our love for books with y'all in a fun way. So think of this as a twitter version of a review. So yea, LOTS OF GIFS

How often are we going to do this and what books will we do? We have no idea to both of those questions, but if you have suggestions comment below! 

And now, the fun begins...

 *Fair Warning* 

This post is pretty long.



Going into this book like

Chapter 1

midway through Chapter 1


Chapter 2 (because I am currently in Quebec)

I'll just leave this here

Second half of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Reading the first word after "Chapter 4"

Chapter 5



(I have a feeling there are going to be a LOT of gifs. I'm okay with this. I may even be excited. What am I talking about? I AM EXCITED.)

Chapter 6
Second half of Chapter 6

Chapter 7


second half of Chapter 7

Last sentence of Chapter 7

Chapter 8

end of Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Talia almost at the end of this chapter, probably

Chapter 10



Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Obviously chapter 12 held a lot of emotions. 

Chapter 13 & 14



Chapter 15


Chapter 16



Chapter 17

Chapter 18 & 19 


Chapter 20



Chapter 21

end of Chapter 21

Chapter 22



 Chapter 23


Chapter 24



Chapter 25 &26


Chapter 27



Chapter 28



Chapter 29


Chapter 30

Chapter 31




Chapter 32 

Excerpt for Sideswiped

If you'd like to feel these gifs on an emotional level then we HIGHLY suggest that you buy Upside Down by Lia Riley on B&N or Amazon. Because it's amazeballs. 
P.S. It releases tomorrow (8/5)

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