The Shape of My Heart

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I've read a lot of NA books over the past three years. Most are either set during the beginning of college or after graduation, and very rarely do I come across books that show the stress of the transition between the two. The Shape of My Heart is one of those rarities.

Before I say anymore, I give praise to Ann Aguirre's writing style. I swear, every time I read one of her books I need a dictionary. And I love that I need to do that. Books shouldn't just be emotionally challenging but mentally challenging as well. With her writing, there's different ways to describe an image than actually describing.

Max Cooper, boy, do I love him. Courtney Kaufman, I wanna be you. First off, their relationship as friends (best friends really) was what brought them together. Max could confide in Courtney, and though Courtney didn't confide as much as she could to Max she knew he would be there when she did have something to say. It was that trust in each other that sparked their romance. I'm not saying that's the only way to start a relationship but it is a healthy way to start one.

I just want to give Max a bear hug. The burden that he endures a good majority of the beginning made me want to learn more about what problems he was carrying and help him carry it. I think that's why I started to love Courtney. She was there for him to help pick him up when he felt down. She was there to be the stress reliever in a very important time in his life. In all senses of the words, they acted as boyfriend and girlfriend throughout the whole book but they just weren't eating each others face in the beginning. And I think that is was kept me, as a reader, to see what would be the point that would push them toward each others faces.

The Shape of My Heart is not only about relationships and trusting each other, it's about how we are still finding ourselves at any age. Nothing is ever clear but it's up to us if we want to take action or just go through the motions. TSoMH is an adorable read, and amazing one at that; I recommend it to everyone because there is no way you can resist Max freaking Cooper.

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