Mini-Review: The Mistake

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Have you ever read a book that just blew your mind? I'm pretty sure every reader has. I thought that The Mistake was going to be one of those since the Deal was phenomenal (I know I know, I should never compare books but when it comes to these two I couldn't help it). Sadly, TM wasn't one of those mind blowing books.

However, not all things were bad, I'll tell you what it did blow... my mouth (if that makes sense). Though TM wasn't "OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING", it was more like "Oh my gosh that's adorable". Grace and Logan (please tell me I was't the only one that read "John Logan" as "John Legend") were enjoyable characters from the beginning.

I will say that Elle Kennedy creates some kickass heroines. Out of this whole book, Grace is probable the main reason why I loved TM. Though she seemed weak and naive, she was actually quite a strong character. Her character development amazed me and how she handled situations that came about, left me awestruck. She didn't let those situations trap her, instead she broke free from them and was hesitant BUT logical about how she would proceed next.
Honestly, everything about Grace I loved.

If you loved The Deal then you're going to enjoy The Mistake. Trust me when I say that, it's an enjoyable, quick and simple read and you're going to have a blast meeting Grace and Logan.

With more books to be read
3.5/5 Stars
P.S. The cover is freaking pretty
Genesis 45:5

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