Mini-Review: The Year We Hid Away

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I enjoyed everything about The Year We Hid Away, but there's really only one thing that I loved about this book and that is Bridger. (Warning: there might be some slight spoilers ahead).

Surprisingly, my love for Bridger kept growing and growing. I didn't think it was possible, but he took a little bit more of my heart almost every chapter.

Bridger is the kind of guy that should seriously be sought after (Scarlet is a freaking lucky girl, I'd kill to be her). He deeply cares about the people in his life almost unconditionally. His family comes first, then it's friends, then finally it's him. I can say with full conviction that he would give his life to the people that surround him. And if that's not admirable, I don't know what is.

His love toward his sister is as thick as a block of cheese (bad analogy but I think it gets the point across). Besides being a ginger, that's the main characteristic about him that I fell in love with. He will do anything to keep his sister safe and provide for her, even if it puts him at risk.

His admiration/love toward Scarlet is a little different (but then again you really can't compare a love toward an immediate family member to the love towards a significant other). In the beginning, for Bridger it was like a forbidden love of some sort; he can't have her so he wants her more. But that thought doesn't last for long because they become really good friends. Yes, they're attracted to each other, but being friends came first. And then their relationship grew, and it didn't feel rushed nor did it feel unnecessary. And I give so much praise to Sarina Bowen for writing/expressing that so well.

The Year We Hid Away is a really really great read. The characters are intricate and their development was A+. The relationships between all the characters are all necessary, nothing seems like it shouldn't have been added, nor should have anything been taken out . If you haven't started this series then you need to hop onto this bandwagon, or simply just read this book because it was just simply amazing.

With more books to be read
4.5/5 Stars
1 Corithians 16:13-14

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