Vangie and Maf React To: Changing His Game by Megan Erickson

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What is this you may be asking? Well, honestly we don't know. ("We" being Maf from Bookworm Wanders, formerly known as Maf's Crazy Book Life, and Vangie from Painful Reads). All we know is that we love books and talking about them, and wanted to share our love for books with y'all in a fun way. So think of this as a twitter version of a review. So yea, LOTS OF GIFS.

How often are we going to do this and what books will we do? We have no idea to both of those questions, but if you have suggestions comment below!  

And now, the fun begins...

Here's our reaction of Changing His Game by Megan Erickson 

 *Fair Warning*  

This post is pretty long.



Before starting book

So do we start now? *jumps up and down*












 Chapter 1




 These acronyms are A+

I feel like I would be caught tumblr-ing someday. I can relate so well right there.

Damn it. she's talking about food and I'm freaking hungry now.

Dark and broody






Chapter 2

OH MY GOD. IT CHANGES POV. I can already feel the sizzle





It changes pov's?!





I'm falling in love already.




These puns are so corny but I can't stop laughing! Chad you are awesome.

I really really want Grant to have his own book


 Chapter 3

Oh god. Austin your nerd is showing. Keep it out though, I like it.




 Holy shit

That was so hot I just





I love the solid relationship advice I get from books

Yup. Nothing can go wrong with book advice

Chapter 5

This might be my favorite chapter









Chapter 6





  It was going good! WHY AUSTIN






  Chapter 7

 Marley is me, I am Marley. I will ask my cat to help me make decisions someday

Chapter 8





Correction. Chapter 8 may be my favorite.

Chapter 11

They are so perfect I just OMG






Chapter 12












Chapter 14








  With more books to freak out over-Vangie and Maf 


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