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If the title of this post and the pic weren't indication enough...

So if you scroll down you'd and look toward the side bar over on the right side of this post there is a countdown to Cora Carmack's ALL BROKE DOWN. And guys Get Ready because... This. Book. Is. Amazing.
We are only a couple weeks away (11 days to be exact) from getting are grubby little hands on Cora's latest release.
If somehow you have no earthy idea what I'm talking about let me enlighten you.

First, you have this book:
(Click on pic to go to goodreads)
Where it's famous for Doctor Who allusions, football fanatics, HOT football players and a coach's daughter.
And I'm pretty sure you can guess what happens from there. BUT if you can't then definitely grab this book. I mean who doesn't love football and romance with a dash of gossip???

So that was book one in Rusk University.
BOOK TWO is this beauty right here:
Where you met the badass Silas Moore and the goodass, compared to Silas, that is Dylan, who is the person that we are introduced to today.

(thanks Ashley for the awesome graphic!)

Isn't she pretty? But that not it! She's BADASS. I mean, what else do you categorize someone who goes to jail for what they believe in?
Yes... I said jail.

Here are two of my favorite quotes form Dylan
Dudes who look dangerous should just be dangerous. Period. The end. They should not be dangerous and beautiful at the same time. It leaves the universe out of balance, and it make me do stupid things like stare.

 There's nothing wrong with staring at beautiful things. And if he's so dangerous maybe you should keep an eye on him. You never know what he might do. So go ahead and stare under the pretense that you're just looking out not because he's beautiful. Let his beauty be a bonus (I totally read beauty in that last sentence as booty. Now I can't stop laughing).
Because try as I might perfect doesn't guarantee me anything. I can't control whether other people will want me or love me or even like me. I can only control how I feel about myself.

This quote right here speak so many truths. Reaching people's standards of "Perfect" is an impossible goal. Sometimes, even our own "perfect" standard is impossible. It's up to us to see how we fit within ourselves and love it.

If you want to get the full picture that is Dylan be sure to buy All Broke Down on Oct. 28!

Pssssssst! Lastly there's a giveaway! Make sure to enter for an ARC of ALL BROKE DOWN!
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