Mini Review: Still Beautiful

Thursday, February 12, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

Oh man was Still Beautiful short and adorable. (If you're looking for a quick cute read, look no further.) I am in love with this series, and in turn this book. I knew I was going to love this one particularly, and boy did I. In the synopsis, we quickly learn that Cinda is an Engineer major (double major) and is insecure. JUST from the synopsis, I already had a connection. For those that don't know, I plan on majoring in engineering, and like the majority of the world, I'm insecure.
Throughout the whole book I kept saying, “This is so me. THIS right there is what I would have done. SHE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL.” Oh gosh, this book gives me hope in my future. Yeah, it's a fictional story, but it's a real life possibility! And that possibility can happen to me, or y'all. So you understand when I say that the book gives me hope. If a character can conquer her fears and internal problems, then why can't I?

Soooo when can I buy Still Waiting?

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