Flirting with Scandal

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Around this time it seems as if everyone is in a book slump. Well slump no more!
Flirting with Scandal was the perfect book to get me out of my dilemma and I'm sure it'll get you out of yours. It was a quick fun read, and when I mean fun I mean FUN. The whole atmosphere that Chanel Cleeton creates is captivating, and all of the characters are endearing. With each side character introduced, I wanted to know everything about them. So here to hoping this world turns into  a plethora of books.

William, oh gosh, William. If that name isn't hot enough, wait until you meet the swoon worthy man (Huge emphasis on "man"). Will had me swept off my feet in under two pages. There's no doubt about where his life is leading him to go even though he himself seems at a lost. But that's like everyone now. No one knows where their future is, and everyone has doubts about where they're leading their life, but we all want/need someone there by our sides for our journey. That's Will's issue in FwS; he's where he wants his life to go but he doesn't want to be alone. And when the person he want's by his side is leaving he'd do anything to keep them. Now that might sound possessive, but y'all don't understand believe me when I say all need context to understand Will.

As for Jackie, she's rocked this book. Independent is the definition of Jackie. Throughout the book, the jobs that she takes on and actions she makes exhibit how she takes her life goals seriously. And it goes to show that the life that you were born into doesn't necessarily define you. Jackie was dealed a bad hand of cards but instead of succumbing to the difficulties she over came them. Honestly, if I wanted to be like a character from a book I'd love to be like Jackie. She has all the qualities I admire. And I love her.

Flirting with Scandal was an awesome read and I can't wait to read more from Chanel Cleeton. If you haven't read any of her books then this is definitely a good place to start.

With more books to be read
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