Mini-review: No Kissing Allowed

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Sooooooo cute. Aidan and Cameron were adorable together. The writing was simple but honestly very enjoyable.
This is going to be really short and maybe a little spoiler-y because all I really want to talk about is Aidan. Cameron was great but I honestly fell in love with Aidan and not just because he was gorgeous.

Aidan is a prime example of the fact that we dictate our futures. We choose what we want to be and what we don't want to be. We have our role models and what some people don't understand is that one person's role model could be the opposite of a role model to another.
My dad once told me, "You become what you focus on," and on a certain level that is true. However, if you focus on it because you don't want to become that then it works the same way. Ultimately, he meant and what I think West tries to tell us is that you have to keep being you.
Aidan focused on his father to not become him and for good reasons I might add, but I will say he focus a little too much on his father, that he kind of placed himself in a hole. He couldn't live his life the way he wanted to because of his severe fear to become what he was against. 

I loved Melissa West's portrayal of the struggle Aidan was going through. It was his problem to conquer and West did great in keeping it his problem with a little motivation through Cameron. You see, we can have all the help in the world but it's our decision whether we will actually change. And it takes a lot of faith to break free of our chains.

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P.S. 3.5 Stars!
Romans 8:39

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