Breakable by Tammara Webber

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I don't what changed this time but after having Breakable on my shelf for a while now, I finally got to reading the whole thing. There were a couple of times where I started this book but would end up stopping after around 30/50 pages. I don't know why because this time I was completely floored by the storyline and the writing.

This book is basically the same story as Easy (the first book in this series and my absolute favorite book). However, it's not just a retelling of the book with a different perspective, it's a whole other story with a a good half of the scenes from Easy happening too.

If anything this book gives you more character depth of Lucas/Landon than it does anyone in the series, as it should since it's his book. And I have to give a huge thank you to Ms. Webber for doing that; for including segments of Lucas' life that we weren't privy to in the first book and for endearing me more to Landon, who just had life kick him in the ass when he was younger and finally has a chance of peace and love when he's older.

I can't think of anything that would fully convince you of the beauty that this book holds. It's mind blowingly beautiful and I hope you give it a chance. There's love both innocent and not so innocent, there's tears of joy and of sadness. It's heartbreaking it really is with what these characters have gone though but their development and strong will to get past those circumstances are so admirable. This is a book about wallowing in the pain as long as you want but eventually picking yourself up off the floor and embracing life, with some help. And realizing that asking for help isn't such a terrible nuisance.

4.5/5 Stars
Romans 12:9

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