Mini-Review: One Night

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One Night went way beyond my all but one of my expectations. My biggest expectation was to cry, with mucus and blurry eyes and fat cheeks, the works, but gladly none of that happened.
Don't get me wrong this book was sad, but it wasn't "OHMYGOSH MY BABIES" sad, it was more along the lines of "Aww my poor babies". Besides that, everything about this beauty was gold.
The writing was spectacular. It seems as if AJ Pine's writing improves every time she writes a book. I can't wait until she's written 25 books and is covered in tattoos, because I know I'll be blown away. The descriptions, the emotions aren't just that, they're more, they're deeper. Some points are confusing not everything is clear cut but that's because Jess isn't black and white, even though she thinks she is.

When you're battling a mental illness it's hard to find peace, it's hard to be happy with where you are in life without having to worry about what's to come. That right there is Jess' situation.

She has her fears like everyone in this world, but her's are amplified. It's not her being dramatic nor is it her succumbing to her illness. One Night is about showing strength in your weakest of times. It's about you realizing that you need people's help; not everything can be done by ourselves even though we want it that way so badly. People are there for us to lean on; we need to take advantage of that support and comfort.

Again I say that One Night was lovely. Everyone needs to read this beauty and bask in its greatness.

With more books to be read
4/5 Stars
Romans 5:8

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