Mini-Review: Getting Lucky Number Seven

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Adorable. From the nerdy-ness to romantic. I will admit that there were some slow parts, but all together it was an enjoyable simple read.
The characters were great and a lot of fun to get to know. Lyla's personality is a lot like mine, minus the cats add in dogs. And Beck is relatable, to a point, because he's the kind of friend that would drop everything for a friend in need especially one that he cares about.
Reading about Beck and Lyla's relationship, one could tell that there was chemistry even from the beginning. And it just goes to show that everyone should say a joke when they meet someone new, at least in books. Also, the fact that Beck and Lyla kept the friendly relationship they made inside the classroom with them when they were outside that environment. The friendship was believable.

And if you ask me, that's how everything should start, with a real friendship, before jumping into something deeper. GLN7 revolves around that friendship and the trust that is made.

Getting Lucky Number 7 was good. If you love friends to lovers, HOCKEY players (who doesn't???), and cats then this book is yours.

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