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All the things I love about my girl Lea here and of Make It Right.

Now... where to start *shifty eyes* Umm... Honestly,  I don't know where to start, mainly because I loved everything, every chapter, every paragraph, every WORD that came off these pages. While I was reading Make It Right, I saw a Broadway play (in case you didn't know, I see plays instead of movies when I read a really good book) and I was immersed into this story from the very first word (which was MAX by the way. I love me some Max.)

I had an idea of how this story was going to end, I mean it's obvious when it comes to stand alone-ish romance novels, so that was a given, but I wasn't expecting the journey that Megan put these lovely characters and me through (Megan is the author if you didn't know). And that's probably what I love most about this story, Megan caught me off guard with my expectations and gave me an idea of  what I want in a relationship.

The supporting characters were just as amazing as they were in Make It Count (<-- which I highly suggest you read because it's also lovely). Even though Make It Right isn't about them, you still are given this inkling of what's going on in their own lives; it's not just the "Lea and Max" show. And because we're given these small bits of their supporting characters lives, we're left wanting MOAR (I at least was). It's evident that Lea and Max are caring for their friends and family, or it would've solely been about them. And I can say with full confidence that not every reader loves to stay focused on the main couple through out the entire novel.

There are countless moments between Lea and Max that are filled with the fluffiest fluff ever. And I lived for those moments. They brought a huge grin to my face (the hugest of huge grins). Here's proof of how much I loved it via text I sent to one of my best book friends, "It was just GAH so much fluff. IDK but I was expecting more hot and heavy [scenes] BUT I LOVED IT SO MUCH MORE THIS WAY... I couldn't have asked for more!" 
Now hear me out, there are some sex scenes, but when I read those scenes, it wasn't just sex that was being expressed between Lea and Max. So I was fine, absolutely fine with their relationship because it WASN'T FILLED WITH LUST. I mean it was but out of 100%, lust took about 10% of their motivation.

Max. Oh lord. I loved him since finishing Make It Count, but my love for him increased a million times reading his words and seeing his actions. I mean COME ON. BON JOVI. COOKIES. CATS. CREATIVITY. VULNERABLILITY. BEAUTIFUL FACE. (I can go on and on). How can you not love him!?!? Okay. Okay. If you read Make It Count then there's a good chance that you think I'm crazy for loving him so much, because, well, he's a jackass. But if you think about it, everyone has a little donkey in them, it's just more prominent in people who have problems they can't seem to handle. It's a defense mechanism and a good one at that, because no one wants to associate with a donkey. So only the people who are willing to try can break that barrier, and for Max that was Lea. 

And now this is where I profess my love about Lea. I connected to this book in all ways possible for a person to connect to a book and that had a lot to do with how Megan developed Lea. I can say with full honesty that she is the character that I have connected to the most. Ever. It's hard to believe, given all the books I've read, but it's true. Lea is your everyday person. She struggled and struggles with trust, self image, self security,  and being vulnerable and strong. But besides all that, she's freaking badass. She's more than the perfect match for Max; she's a very independent woman, she could do without a guy and be absolutely fine, which leads me to believe that HE (Max) is the perfect match for Lea rather than the other way around. This is her story as well as it is Max's. She's everything I am and want to be, and she's a fictional character. I want to kidnap her from Max and take her to Vegas to marry her. (If Max wants to come along I'd marry him too).

Make It Right is fresh. It got out of a shower, put on coconut oil as lotion and walked out that door naked so everyone could see it and admire. It shows another side of life and I have to admit that it's probably my favorite read of the year so far. If every NA novel where like this, fun, adventurous, insightful, deep, they would be something to fear and praise.
Make It Right went above and beyond my expectations. And I couldn't have asked for anything better for Lea and Max.

If you couldn't tell, this was a FIVE GOLDEN STARS read and the author is Megan Erickson (she pretty darn awesome)
1 Corinthians 1:4-5

P.S. Mix Lea and her dad together, and you have me. I swear, they are my spirit characters. I love them with all my heart.
And I'm pretty sure Megan stalked me. She had to have; there were to many similarities between this book and I. Also my love for this book had nothing to do with a bacon reference, but I will say it did increase my love for it. Bacon is heavenly and so is this book which is why I HIGHLY encourage you to read it.

P.P.S. There's a giveaway for Make It Count on another post! Click HERE to go to it.

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