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If y'all didn't know this, I am now a senior as of August 25th 2014. Not an elderly senior but a high school senior. And for me that means I need to get LOTS of things done.

I'm currently my schools valedictorian, so I really can't slack off as much as I want. This school year, I somehow got involved in a lot of activities. I don't even think I'm going to have the time for reading, let alone myself (yea, reading comes first).

But I'm not going to let that discourage me. I will try to read a book once a week or at the very least twice a week. I just can't let go of reading. God and books are my stress relievers, so I'm definitely going to make it a point to read. I need to, even if it means I have to forgo sleep.

But what does that mean for me and Painful Reads?
Well, you'll be seeing less of me here. With the limited amount of time I'll have for myself, I'll try to read or catch up on my sleep. I will try to post reviews of said books at least once a week or twice; really it depends if I can even read. I'm going to need to stop requesting ARCs or at least calm down on the request button, that's for sure. I'll be promoting very little books, if any. I have obligations for some of the groups I'm in, but I always keep my word so don't worry, I'll get those duties done (LOL at "duties". Nacho Libre came to mind). I'm going to miss being on Painful Reads everyday but THIS ISN'T A GOODBYE. Y'all will see me a lot, I hope, but y'all wont see me everyday like y'all have this past summer.

HOWEVER! Next summer I won't be partaking in an internship or another course like this summer. I will FINALLY have one summer to myself after 6 years. And you can bet that I'm going to pour all my heart and soul into books I missed out on during the school year. Summer 2015 will be filled with books and blogs and moving into college, I can guarantee that.

What y'all can do for me... please pray that my last year goes without a hitch and keep me in your prayers or what ever you do.

I'm going where God leads me.
Till I see y'all next time!
Romans 8:37

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