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"Whoa. Holy mother of pearl. Super fudging nuggets. WAIT WHAT?! Holy shucks.WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME?!" along with a lot of explicit language pretty much cover all of my reactions while reading Torrent.

Momo from Books Over Boys recommended me Torrent a while ago and I finally had the chance to buy and read it. I'm pretty sure I was bothering Momo with all of my messages while I was reading, but holy heck I needed an outlet of some sort.

I'll say that right of the bat, if you couldn't tell form the synopsis, Torrent is a dark romance. That's not to say that there isn't some lightness to it, but there's very little. Being a reader that has delved into dark romances before, but it's been a while since reading one, it felt a lot like coming home, I totally forgot how much I loved the genre. Momo warned me, saying that this book wasn't for the faint of heart, or that I might need to take a break while reading. But I went through this book like a freight train, I don't know what that should say about me. All I can say it that after the amazing prologue, nothing was stopping me from reading and finishing this beauty.

Torrent was pretty darn amazing, though I think I was expecting a little bit more "dark". There was a lot of potential for it to be a pitched black kind of dark, but I'm hoping that that was Gemma James's way to hook the reader and she's killing us in the second book.

The only disturbing scenes are of Rafe's thoughts. But they're not the kind of disturbing that is vivid, it's a lot more like vague hints of how far he can go or is willing to go. You're probably going to think me weird, but I actually really loved Rafe. Though his means of getting his way are not conventional, he's persistent and determined which is pretty admirable if you ask me. Rafe is the kind of character that has a dark side but hides it. There are some really powerful paragraphs in the book that reveals so much of Rafe's character if you're paying attention. He's the perfect example for when someone says, "There's something off about him." Younger, he was a good kid in a sense that he behaved, but he hid his true self very well. Sometimes all a person needs is something drastic to happen to bring that real person out and that was what happened to Rafe.

Towards the end my heart was going into attacks. Something legitimately crazy happens and I don't know how I feel about it. To avoid spoilers, I'll keep my thoughts vague and I'll say this: I'm happy for him, really truly happy for him, because now he's at the point where he's at peace, but that's not who he is anymore. And I don't know if I want to him to suffer again (or more) to have him back.

Guys, Torrent is amazeballs. The characters and the situations are complexed and there's really no way understanding them completely, but it's the journey from beginning to end that is a freaking roller coaster. I stayed up really late reading this beauty and I'm half dead writing this but I don't regret it.

4/5 Stars
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yes! it really, sinceriously makes my heart so happy to read all of this! LOVE IT <3

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OMG! Thank you for the amazeballs review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Torrent so much. :)