Mini-Review: Mayhem

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Okay. Here's what I really loved about this book: It has a huge possibility of happening.
There weren't emotional scars from Rowan's or Adam's past that was holding them back. The whole book happens in the present and sometimes that's all there is in our lives. We don't all have back stories; sometimes life is fine and dandy and it's during college where everything/ exciting things happen. (Though I will admit, dating a rock star is a stretch, but in some universe it's a possibility).
ALSO... Adam Freaking Everest, I love you! What I really enjoyed about his character was that he had all this confidence on stage and people would think that transcended into his everyday life while in reality he's actually a little insecure. It makes him more human and  a lot more lovable/adorable.

Rowan had her moments. She was a little on the judgmental side, but for the most part I was able to forget that and just focus on her alone. The one thing that I admired about Rowan was that she knew her strengths and her weaknesses. That doesn't mean that it stopped her from going into certain situations, but at least while she was going into that situation she knew how she stood. She knew the consequences if she were to go to that point and that's all anyone can ask for. There are too many characters that go into a situation blindly, not really thinking of the endgame. And for the most part Rowan isn't one of them.

Guys, Mayhem was a great read. I fell in love with all the supporting characters upon meeting them. I would go from chuckling to bursting out loud laughing. I had a goofy smile on my face that would later turned to frustrated frown and quickly changed to a quick smile. I felt all the emotions and it was a fun ride.

P.S. 3.5/4 Stars
Psalm 55:22

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