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Holy hot mother of pearls. Nothing but praises for this book. Seriously, y'all should see the notes I wrote down while reading this. Before I say anything, I HIGHLY recommend this book. Alex encompasses everything that y'all could ever want in a book. There's humor, somberness, freaking romance (I assume everyone loves romance), a tinge of mystery and awe. Sawyer Bennet placed me right in the middle of these characters' live and I consider myself blessed to have seen these two beautifully developed characters connect with each other along with just as beautiful side characters. The writing is superb, within the first paragraph of the first chapter I WAS HOOKED.
I don't think you understand...

If you've seen my past posts, you'd know that when I start a book late at a late time (usually around ten-ish), I won't be going to sleep till around two in the morning (this is my limit... yes I had to limit my nightly reading time. Laugh all you want). And so you'd think that around the tenth time that this has happened to me that I would abide my rules. Yeah, no. I started Alex around 10:30ish, telling myself that I WOULD go to sleep at 1 the latest. Wanna guess what time I fell asleep?
2? Wrong. 
3? Wrong.
4? DING DING DING. I went to sleep around 4 KNOWING that I had to wake up at 5:30. Oh and it doesn't stop there! That same day, as dead tired as I was, at any moment of free time whether it be a second or 30 minutes y'all can bet that I was reading this amazing book. Now, y'all sort of have an idea of how hooked I was to Alex, and half of the addiction that I had for this book was simply because of the prose.
The other half: the characters. Let me say this now... Garrett. I love you. I mean, I love every single one of these characters (except the obvious ones), but Garrett takes the cake. AND I KNOW I WILL DIE (of happiness and pain) when I get my hands on his... book. *snickers in the background*

From the very very beginning we know that Alex is awesome. He knows that he's awesome. People know that he is awesome. Awesomeness consumes him, but there is some seriously deep emotion surrounding him, and we see that right off the bat. As the story progresses, we see that he hates being in the spotlight because he is not a fan of criticism.  He KNOWS his problems. He knows where they stem from. His not the bad guy character that simply exists with no backstory. He has a backstory, and boy, does he have one, and once I really saw and knew his story I understood.

The reason behind Alex's acts is the same as Sutton's reason for hers. Seeing them where they are now, I would have said that one was a cat and the other was a dog. AND yet, when they interact with each other they're one in the same. In the beginning, it was a rough start for both of them; they were introduced into a different side of people that they weren't used to interacting with. And once they started interacting more together the similarities were evident.

One amazing aspect of this couple is the truth. They are "painstakingly honest". Every word they said to each other was analyzed, but then they decided to settle on the truth. Sutton wasn't afraid to share her feelings, and though Alex was, he let her know that he was out of his limits. Out of this whole book, the line that speaks the most truth is:
"'Is it my heart that wants you, Sutton?' he asks on a low murmur. 'Or is it just my cock?'"
That sentence speaks volumes. And Sutton gives her truth right back at him.

There's a lot of give-and-take in this relationship sometimes it seems more one-sided but it's there nonetheless just each character is going at their own pace.

Honestly, I don't know what to tell y'all that would make you read this book. Take my word for it. This book is worth every penny and then some.

Ephesians 4:2
P.P.S I can stare at that cover for ages.

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