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When I finished Alex, I fell in love with the characters especially Garrett. I NEEDED his book in my hands. When I found out it was up on NetGalley, I was freaking out and dancing everywhere. The day waiting to be approved was agony. 
But when I finally was approved, you would have thought it was Christmas day. Trying to calm my nerves wasn't an easy feat but when I was able to I started this bad boy.
As I started reading, the hugest grin took place on my face. As mentioned before, Garrett is amazeballs for his wit and care free ways. I liked how optimistic he was about life, though that optimistic view lowed down a notch when he really starts to know Olivia. That is where you see the amazing character development that occurs within him. He has a serious attitude about him. 
The same time that I saw Garrett change, I got to know more about Olivia AND see her change quickly as well.
Olivia takes the circumstance that she's in and tries to put a spin to it and kind of YOLO (you only live once) it. Her way of carpe diem-ing it is short lived but not necessarily a disappointment. I mean she got a gorgeous guy out of it so it can't be that bad.
And that is where I saw stubbornness grow as well as dissipate. I saw two totally different people come together to help one another out. And isn't that what a relationship is?

Anxious about Zack's book
2 Timothy 1:7
P.S. 4/5 Stars
P.P.S Garrett has really good taste in music... and The Cold Fury Hockey covers are GORGEOUS.

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