The Fine Art of Pretending

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Title: The Fine Art of Pretending

Author: Rachel Harris

Published Date: September 30th 2014


Synopsis: According to the guys at Fairfield Academy, there are two types of girls: the kind you hook up with, and the kind you're friends with. Seventeen-year-old Alyssa Reed is the second type. And she hates it. With just one year left to change her rank, she devises a plan to become the first type by homecoming, and she sets her sights on the perfect date-Justin Carter, Fairfield Academy's biggest hottie and most notorious player. With 57 days until the dance, Aly launches Operation Sex Appeal and sheds her tomboy image. The only thing left is for Justin actually to notice her. Enter best friend Brandon Taylor, the school's second biggest hottie, and now Aly's pretend boyfriend. With his help, elevating from funny friend to tempting vixen is only a matter of time. But when everything goes according to plan, the inevitable break up leaves their friendship in shambles, and Aly and Brandon with feelings they can't explain. And the fake couple discovers pretending can sometimes cost you the one thing you never expected to want.
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Review: Quick question... have any of y'all seen The Master of Disguise? If y'all have, I love you, if y'all haven't Y'ALL NEED TO because HILARIOUS. Okay now that question may seem off topic, but I assure you it's not. The reason I bring this AWESOME yet retarded movie up is because there are a few scenes where the protagonist says, "So crazy it just might work."

And that, my friends, is one of the first thoughts that popped up in my head while reading The Fine Art of Pretending. There's this craziness in the actions that are done and yet it works, but only in the story. 
This book should come with a warning label: "Don't try this in real life." Because though this story may be adorable mcmuffins, I can tell you the outcome will be bizarre in real life. LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THE BOOK don't attempt unless you want crazy.

Okay. Second quick question... Have any of y'all seen Camp Rock?! You know, the Disney Channel movie involving camp, music, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers... This movie ->
TFAoP has that Camp Rock feel where so many outcomes are possible. There's a new outlook of life. 

Like Demi Lovato's character, Aly realizes that she doesn't need to change anything about herself to fit in. She understands that she needs to love herself the way she is before anyone could think different of her.

Brandon is the protagonist/antagonist which is a characteristic that is not often executed well (Props to Rachel). He helps Aly with her plan, but has his own plan in the works, which is the opposite of Aly's.

I can't tell y'all how frustrating yet hilarious and enjoyable this novel is. The Fine Art of Pretending is heart wrenching and stomach knotting in the best ways possible. If you have time, grab this book. I'm telling you it's worth it.

Impatiently waiting for Fine Art of Pretending book #2
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