Loving Him Off the Field

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Title: Loving Him Off the Field

Author: Jeanette Murray

Published Date: October 21st 2014

Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars

Synopsis: Aileen is a sports reporter trying to make a name for herself without relying on her looks, And what better way to do that than to break a scandal about one of the fastest rising stars on the Santa Fe Bobcats? Killian seems too good to be true, so she knows he must be hiding something…

It’s hard enough breaking into the NFL—even more so when you’re a single dad. Killian isn’t proud that he’s keeping his son a secret, but his ex has a reputation that could tarnish his squeaky clean image for good. So when Aileen starts sniffing around, Killian decides to distract her by any means necessary.

But Aileen is more than capable of giving as good as she gets…

This book was good, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Murray's previous book in this series, One Night With A Quarterback, was pretty darn good. Now don't get me wrong, I KNOW other people will enjoy this one as much as the first one. So don't take what I write to heart.
For the most part, I enjoyed it. However, I thought it could've been shorter by getting the conflict resolved quicker. It seems to be prolonged for too long.
I did love the characters though. Aileen stands for her morals and she will not go back on her word. She's the most honest and open person in this book  and she sort of expects that from everyone. Which sort of makes her naive but she can't help that.

Killian. I see your reasons and understand. You're a reserved for a good reasons but sometimes you have to take a chance. Everyone gives you that chance to change but you're too scared of your past and what that past might do for your future. You're letting you fear conquer you. I'm glad that you won that battle against fear toward the end.

Guys, this is a good read. There's a chance that I wasn't ready to read this book. With this book, you either have to be in the mood for it or maybe it just  wasn't for me. But give this book a chance because the characters are worth it.

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P.S. The cover model's veins make me drool.

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