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Maf from Maf's Crazy Book Life has tagged me once again! Lets do this!
It has taken me forever to do anything. But I saw how small the list; was and decided to go ahead. 
LIES. LISTS LIE. I thought it would be short. NO. This is the most torturous time you will ever have. Picking which boyfriend you love the most out of a certain category? Man, I tell you it is not an easy feat. So here's my pathetic attempt of doing just that.

The Most Romantic Boyfriend
Max Payton from Make It Right

The Dark & Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side
Jared Lynburn from The Lynburn Legacy

The Paranormal Boyfriend
Gabriel Merrick from Spark (The Elemental Series)

The Boyfriend you Want to Tame
Mateo Torres from Rusk University 

The Boy you Friend-Zoned
Brandon Taylor from The Fine Art of Pretending

Your Soulmate
James Carstairs from the Infernal Devices

The Boyfriend you would Elope with
Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy & Bloodline series

The Boyfriend you would Venture Anywhere with
Cade Winston from Faking It

The Boyfriend you want to be Stranded on a Deserted Island with
Bran Lockhart form Upside Down

The Most Bad Ass Boyfriend
Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy

Falling more in love with boys in books everyday

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