Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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"What if the truth isn't to your liking?"
Title: Don't Look Back

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published Date: April 15th 2014

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Samantha is a stranger in her own life. Until the night she disappeared with her best friend, Cassie, everyone said Sam had it all-popularity, wealth, and a dream boyfriend. 

Sam has resurfaced, but she has no recollection of who she was or what happened to her that night. As she tries to piece together her life from before, she realizes it's one she no longer wants any part of. The old Sam took "mean girl" to a whole new level, and it's clear she and Cassie were more like best enemies. Sam is pretty sure that losing her memories is like winning the lottery. She's getting a second chance at being a better daughter, sister, and friend, and she's falling hard for Carson Ortiz, a boy who has always looked out for her-even if the old Sam treated him like trash. 

But Cassie is still missing, and the facts about what happened to her that night aren't just buried deep inside of Sam's memory-someone else knows, someone who wants to make sure Sam stays quiet. All Sam wants is the truth, and if she can unlock her clouded memories of that fateful night, she can finally move on. But what if not remembering is the only thing keeping Sam alive?

My Review:
"And I knew right then, when he looked away and a muscle popped in his jaw, that he didn't believe what he was saying."
Holy smokes. I loved this book. If you're interested in mystery/horror and love YA, I HIGHLY suggest you read this. 
"A yearning to go back to that time filled me."
Sam was an awesome character (most of the time). Learning more about her past self let the me really appreciate her present self (and boy did i love her present self all the more). My favorite thing about Sam would probably be that she finally realized how wrong she was toward her peers "before" everything and that she changed from their view.
"Fear and popularity go hand and hand."
Her family GAH dang it her family. I hated the whole lot of them except Scott. And that's good because Jennifer wrote them that way to where they weren't to be liked but that you could still see the love, if only a little bit. 

"The past is in the past. It's done. Let it die."
Fudging Carson man. Golly man, he was just loveable the whole way through. So were Scott and the other supporting characters that weren't Sam's past (bitchy) friends. They were skeptic about Sam's new attitude, which made these character much more believable, and yet they were accepting, making them more real friends than any of the ones Sam had before.
"I knew that my life - as screwed as it was - had to be better than no life."
The only thing that was a little off was the ending. But now thinking about it, there was really no other way to have ended this awesome book, so I'm content.
"Ignore the feelings - they aren't real."

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