Day 30

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

"Point to Ponder: I was shaped for serving God.
Question to Consider: In what way can I see myself passionately serving others and loving it?"

I've noticed that theatre, reading, and crocheting are my main activities/hobbies. With theatre, there takes a lot of time and effort to put up a show for the audience to enjoy; most of the time it feels like a job rather than a pass time.
Reading is amazing, but I solely do it for my own enjoyment. I blog about books so that I can spread the word about them, I necessarily don't do it to serve others.
The most where I feel as if i'm serving others is when I crochet, whether it be for the blog or for people. I do crochet some items to sell, but there are a good amount of times where I crochet for the kids I take care of, and I absolutely love doing it. i love knowing that I am making something that they will happily use. it warms me knowing that what I make them might warm them as well. And I especially love seeing their faces when I hand them a crocheted item.
Crocheting is where I see my passion.

With 10 more days until I find my purpose
1 Corinthians 12:6 

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