ARC August Week 2 Reviews!

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Sorry that this post is late but here it is! So for ARC August Week 2 I read Only With You by Lauren Layne, Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick, and I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre.

Only With You by Lauren Layne
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3.5/5 Stars
adorable fluffiness. I really really enjoyed this book. It was a rather quick read and I found my self finishing it in one sitting without realizing how long I was sitting.
This story is unique is the way it's written. It's all on third person, which was something to get used too since I've been reading a lot of first person books. Along with the third person writing, the point of view was also different. I was expecting to stay biased toward Sophie, one of the main characters, through the book but was quite surprised when we'd read different perspectives. And honestly., it was quite fun. You'd switch from Sophie's thoughts into another and BAM it'd all make sense.
If you're looking for something fun and quirky, pick this one up.

Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick
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4/5 Stars
I read the synopsis and thought "Why not. This will be harmless." Wrong. WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. I was expecting a lot of fluff BUT NOT PAIN. It was going all fine and dandy and then BOOM everything was going down hill.
In the beginning, I was just cruising through, swooning in the scenes that made me swoon, smiling the whole way because there was fluff but then something happened. And I was riveted. I was engrossed. AND PANICING. Because I was no longer in fluff territory, I was in some deep, insightful territory. I was no longer just casually flipping through pages but EXCITEDLY flipping through pages and I didn't want this story to end BUT I WANTED THE PROBLEMS TO BE RESOLVED. You can bet that once I read the last word, I finally let out the breath I'd been holding when it started going down hill.
If you're wondering if you should read this book: risk it & READ IT. Because I was on the iffy side about reading this book but I'm so glad I read it. Channel 20 Something is not what you expect and it's everything that you could've. It's definitely worth reading.
(Sorry, not sorry, for all the caps but this book held a lot of emotions).

I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre
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4/5 Stars
I wasn't expecting this level of hotness. Holy shucks man. I'd be all cozied up in my bed with my comforter and then it would get ten degrees hotter like that *does finder snaps*. Oh gosh. The sexual tension galore, every interaction between our main characters bleed it. But you know what also bleed? Ann Aguirre's words. They bleed wisdom. I can say with full confidence that there are at least 5 sentences in this book that will shake you. I have even more confidence that you'll fall in love with Nadia. There wasn't a chapter that went by that i didn't laugh out loud because of what Nadia said or thought. Seriously, this girl is hilarious. And then add Mr. hot pants and holy hot dang... I WANT TO HAVE YOUR GINGER BABIES (you know when you're ready to have babies, that is.) Swoon, laughter, boiling hot levels, who doesn't like that. If you do then definitely pick this book up. I Want It That Way is an amazing read that has every aspect of a book anyone could want. I highly encourage you grab this book once it's available!


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