Mini Review: Bray by Effy Vaughn

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Title: Bray

Author: Effy Vaughn (AKA Abbi Glines)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Holy shucks. I had an idea of what to expect with Bray but holy mother of freaking pearl. Not this. Not any of this. 

Think of an all out asshole and it's this guy. Now don't get me wrong I like Bray. Love him, maybe; it's really getting there. But here's the thing. He's loyal. Now when I say loyal I mean to himself and those are the best people out there. Because you KNOW what they want and why.

But you get a glimpse of someone else within these words. And the funny thing is you get a clue, a very small one, at the end. And you're left wanting more. NEEDING MOAR.

Now Scarlet. You have to love her even though you don't love her actions. If you read Asher then you have an idea of what her problems are. With her side of the story you get a glimpse of validity. They make sense to her and that's all she needs to do what she has to do. She goes for what she wants and if it comes out wrong she fixes it. She's hardworking.

Now this episode as a whole was good. Better than good. I was intrigued with Bray and Scarlet's story. Though it seems that the main focus is still with the previous episode characters. Now I don't mind if she keeps it that way with the other ones. What I mean is that, I hope Effy's stories are like dominoes. I hope that one character's action affects the others, and so on. Because though they are individuals themselves, you see the connection of these brothers and how everything effects each other. Their brothers' business is their business. So you know what's still going on with the previous MC as well as the current MC. 

HOPEFULLY, that made sense to y'all. But if it didn't, just know that I am EAGERLY waiting for the next episode. 

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