Crochet with Books (9 & 10)

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I lie. I lie. All my Crochet with Books so far have been the best. I've gotten out of my comfort zone and crocheted items that were not my usual scarves and beanies. And these two projects were no different.

So if you didn't know before, I love Faking It by Cora Carmack. It's one of my favorite NA reads and my go-to read when I'm in the dumps. So I knew I wanted to crochet an item for it and I did.
So recently I started sewing; not legit sewing but I got the basic concepts down. And now with my mix of crochet and sewing skills, I created a PILLOW. Yes a pillow, here's proof.

And this is a photo of me messing with my unfinished Faking It pillow. I was thinking of making a hat that looked like that, don't know if I'll actually do it though.

ANYWAYS! While I was finishing my Faking It pillow, I was in the middle of reading Upside Down by Lia Riley, which has also become one of my favorite NA reads. So I thought I should make something for that beauty too, and I did... It was another pillow. BUT A STAR PILLOW. Again, proof:
I was originally going to do both sides the same color and then thought that wouldn't do the book justice so I did this.
Here are some more photos of me messing with my Upside Down pillow. Oh and I absolutely adore this pillow right here. I love it so much that I'm thinking about making another one and giving one away. We'll see how it goes.

So those were my 9th and 10th crochet projects I made this summer. And probably the last ones that I'll be doing for this year since school is starting back up and fall and winter are when I get crochet orders. BUT I will try my damn hardest to make time to crochet these fun projects.

*whispers* Look out for a giveaway soon!

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I want to win the pillow for Upside Down. I love the star; it's really cute! The one for Faking It is really cute too ^-^

August 22, 2014 at 8:56 PM delete

Angela chose you! Email me ( your address and the email you'd like me to gift Upside Down by Lia Riley to (It can also be a friends email that you'd like to gift the ebook to)