All of You by Christina Lee

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"It would feel amazing to be needed and wanted by someone that you care deeply about."
Title: All of You
Author: Christina Lee
Published Date: September 17th 2013
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Synopsis: Nursing student Avery Michaels wants nothing to do with dating--she's perfectly happy single.  Privy to too many of her mother's bad decisions and even worse taste in boyfriends, all Avery can handle is a string of uncomplicated hookups whenever the mood strikes.

When she meets smoking hot tattoo artist Bennett, she wants him--for just one night. But he won't accept a no-strings-attached arrangement. He lives by a straight-laced code of values based on his own troubled upbringing.

Bennett sees something special in Avery and he wants more from her. Way more. As Avery wrestles with her emotions for Bennett, danger and tragedy force them to open up to each other. And Avery must face the terrifying realization that she wants more from him, too.

So she needs to make a choice--let Bennett go or finally let him in.

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"Turn liquid for me. Only for me. Bury your essence inside of my soul."
This book was adorable to so many extremes. And then it was FREAKING BURNING HOT in so may others. I was talking to one of my friends about this book and she pretty much summed up Christina Lee's writing. She said, "Christina is like the queen of sexual tension." And holy shucks she is.
 "I want something real... And I'm willing to wait for it."
You feel the tension all the way to your bones. I swear the whole time reading this book I had this going through my head: "now kiss."
I was ecstatic when they did and then it was on fire. The freaking KISS was rendering ME senseless!  And I was only reading about it happening. (Lord help Avery with those kisses.)
 "I don't know what this is or what the hell we're doing, but if I don't kiss you right now, I might explode."
The story was intriguing. As soon as the started, i was riveted. I wanted to know every story that was going on between the main characters as well as the side characters (which is why I'm freaking excited to read the other two books). All of You is sort of a twist from the average NA. Usually you have the male main character being a man-whore and the female character being the one to win him over. In this case is the opposite, AND I LOVED IT. The set up was gold, motivations were in place on both sides, so it wasn't as if they were all willy-nilly with their lives.
 "I was like some lovesick tween desperate to have my crush finally notice me."
 The friendship between Avery, Ella, and Rachel is so much like my own with my friends that I couldn't help but laugh out loud every time they made an endearing comment followed by a not so endearing term. You know that's a friendship.
"This boy was going to be the death of me."
Bennett. God dang, Bennett. I need someone like Bennett in my life (quick, tell me where I can find one). His personality is one that should be sought for in a guy. He's caring (FUDGE IS HE CARING), motivated, and he's a freaking family man. I mean come on how can that ever be beat. 
"When you find love, you'll start quoting poetry too."
Avery is freaking badbutt. She has reason behind what she does. And though she may look like a tough cookie, she is one soft one in the inside. In the beginning you sort of know what has happened to her in the past but it's not until she really reveals what happened that you get the full picture of her actions.
"'You're a tattoo artist?' Holy Mother Of God, this man just got hotter."
Holy shucks. I want a grandma like Mrs. Jackson. And that all I'll say about her. (Just know that she was my second favorite character.)
"I've already laid down my roots; now I'm just cultivating them."
There's a sentence in book that goes, "Pain, melancholy, beauty, longing,... and hope". And that sums up the book better than I can. Just trust me when I say you have to read this book.
"The hourglass freezes in moments of sorrow. Races along in moments of bliss."

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