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HAHAHA! I've done it again.
I'm sorry, but I'm really proud of myself here. Most of the time... Okay pretty much all the time I crochet whenever someone wants to buy something, say a scarf or a beanie. BUT I've been crocheting for myself (and for books) lately AND 

Okay. Now back to the point. If you've been following along for a while, You'd know that I have started crocheting with books. What that means is I'll crochet something that would symbolize the the book, whether it be by the colors on the cover or by a character or place in the book.
This next project I've decided to base it off the cover of Nash by Jay Crownover. If you've never seen it, here it is in all its beautiful glory. 
   (Click here for my review of Nash, if you want.)
 At first, I wasn't thinking about this book. Actually, I didn't even have yarn, so I wasn't thinking about doing a new project. So it took me by surprise when my mom wanted to take me to Hobby Lobby. Lucky, I had a few bucks in my possession and I was able to buy yarn.
While I was looking at the yarn trying to decide what color I wanted to buy, I spotted this pretty green that reminded me of the color of Nash's name on the cover. So I pulled up the cover of Nash on my phone and based the other colors I'd buy on that.  And here they are. Red, orange and the really pretty green. 

Now I have an idea of what I'm going to make, so hopefully it turns out alright. Just know that I'm really excited for this project.
I will keep y'all updated!

With a crochet project to be done

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