Changing Forever by Lisa De Jong

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"With one event, my entire life is lived differently."
Title: Changing Forever

Author: Lisa De Jong

Publish Date: June 24th 2014

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I’ve always let my past dictate my future, letting it paint a picture of exactly what I don’t want to be. Where I don’t want to end up.

Drake Chambers is as arrogant as I am stubborn. A college quarterback, a national star. I thought he was just another one of those guys … the type every girl should stay away from, but he’s carrying more than the weight of the football team on his shoulders.

He unravels the feelings and beliefs I’ve held onto for so long. 

I thought we had it all figured out. Two people who’d finally found their happily ever after, but the past always has a way of sneaking into the present.

With one decision, everything changes … forever.

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"I can't change it now, but learning to let go isn't easy."
As soon as I received the email that held this ARC, I was jumping off all the walls. I loved When It Rains and there's no exception with this book. The prologue with grab you and the rest of the book will never let you go.
"It feels like I'm everywhere she is, or maybe she's everywhere I am."
Drake Chamber is freaking HOT and golly man I couldn't get enough of him. In the beginning, he's the average guy that I'd most likely hat, but boy does he grow on you, and I mean REALLY grow. there's one scene where I just fell in love with him. And then there's another where you feel nothing but pain. But don't let that stop you from grabbing this book.
"Usually, I'd be happy to walk away, but this time I don't want to."
Emery will have at least one of your characteristics. And that the best thing about her, she's relatable. All of her action's have a meaning, as well as Drake's actions.
"The past is something I can't change."
I'm telling you, you do not want to miss out on this book. It's a relaxing adventure , but I will admit some pain will be involved.
"Just do me a favor... whatever you do, wherever you end up, make sure you're happy."

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