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So I've finished two projects that have been based on books. Click here to see my Make It Count crocheted item and click here to see my All Lined Up inspired crochet item. And I love them to death, mainly because they're based on my favorite books.

And since I enjoyed making them, I decided to do another crochet project. This time, I'll be working with a book that has been out for a while now and is the second book of a series... Insurgent.
If you look at my other two projects, you'll notice that the colors chosen were based of the university that the characters attended and that in Insurgent (if you've read the book) there isn't a university, so instead I'll be doing the prominent colors that make up the cover. Which, if y'all can't see the image or haven't seen the cover, is green, brown and a teal-ish color.

What am I going to make you may ask?  Well, I honestly have no idea, if you have any suggestions then please tell me! But I will say that once decide, I'll probably won't tell y'all and will TRY to keep it a surprise.
Anyways wish me luck on this project.

Slaving away on new project

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