Crochet with Books (7)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

And the best thing is that some one wants to buy this! So double bonus!

If you didn't see the post about this particular project, no worries. Recap: I'm doing a Crochet with Books project based on Nicole Williams' Crush cover -->
Which is gray and pink... to my eyes.

So here's the finished creation!
And here's an ugly picture of the unfinished project and of me playing with it. (Yea don't mind me... I'm weird.)

It turned out better than I expected which is awesome because it was a new stitch that I've never tried before this project. Here's a close up of the project
Well, I hope y'all like it because I had a blast making it!

Thinking of new Crochet with Books ideas

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