UnWritten by Chelsea M. Cameron

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Title: UnWritten

Author: Chelsea M. Cameron

Published Date: July 10th 2014

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Children's librarian by day. Romance novelist by night.
British single father.
Someone else is writing this love story...

Blair Walton isn't your average curvaceous tattooed children's librarian. She's also one half of bestselling romance author, Scarlet Rose. Along with her BFF Raine, she spends her nights writing books so steamy, she's afraid they would shock her Southern conservative grandmother to death . . . if she knew about them. That's why she and Raine write in secret.

On deadline for their latest book and out of ideas, Raine suggests (demands) that Blair find a guy and "do some research". Declan Bennet has all the qualifications: He's British, looks fabulous in a suit, has glorious blue eyes and gets bonus points for being an amazing single dad to his adorable son, Drake. But what starts out as a research project quickly turns into something much more. And Blair's not the only one with secrets.

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I went into this book blind, not having read the synopsis but knowing that I loved  Chelsea's past work was enough for me to want to read it. And the first thing I thought when I saw the cover: this feels depressing and mysterious lets do this. First thought when starting: "Well that's an interesting way to start"....[continues reading without getting any form of sleep till she's done]. Yup you read that right. I was stupid (or smart?) and started this book at midnight and didn't go to sleep till I turned the last page, that's how "interesting" it was. And my face is sore from all the smiling that I was doing throughout this book.

I was dead tired but didn't feel like sleeping and so I picked this book up, but it was like this book was coffee for me. Every word I read woke me up and before I knew it the sun was showing it's ugly face and the last page was upon me. The words just flowed and I was so immersed in Blair's world I wasn't even aware of mine. And the books that do that to the reader are worth losing sleep over.

Blair and Raine's relationship reminded me so much of my friends and I. It was crazy how spot on they were. A lot of friendship seem "fake" in some books I've read but that's not the case here. Raine and Blair know their boundaries as well as know when they should push a subject. They are that friendship that you immediately know they were meant to be friends. And oh gosh, I so want to get into Raine's head. 

Holy mother of pearl. I fell in love with two boys in less than 21 pages (at least that's what it said on my iPad). From a little prince charming to a big one. They were so darn cute, with their darn matching outfits and cute faces. And holy maple fudge is Declan something else. I don't know what I was expecting, but he sure wasn't it. Fair warning: be prepared for some *fanning self* and dreamy sighs while reading this. 

Blair. If she isn't an inspiration for body figure and doing what you want to do in your life, I don't know what is. She's shy but boy does she take action. She fiesty, witty, passionate, and caring while giving no cares in the world. Everything about her made me love her and want to be like her in my life.

I can say praises all I want but y'all really need to grab this book for y'all selves and enjoy the ride, because it's a fun one.

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P.S. POP CULTURE REFERENCES ARE GOLD. And the amount of words I have highlighted is waaaaaayyy too much, I might as well have highlighted the whole book. Man I loved it. Drake's attitude toward his nanny reminded me so much of this kid. 

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