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While I don't have time for a lot of things, I will always try to make time for crocheting and books.
So this summer, while juggling an internship and a math course (please be praying for me), I will be crocheting for my family and for Crochet with Books, I'll also be reading as many books as I can before my senior year starts (again please be praying for me).

If you've been keeping up with my Crochet with Books stuff then you'd have seen my Make It Count clutch, All Lined Up blanketInsurgent market bag, Nash infinity scarf and my Shatter Me market bag. Since I actually LIKE crocheting for this cause, I'll keep doing this for a while till I run out of ideas (which I seriously hope doesn't happen).
My next project is actually for a family member. She wanted an over the shoulder little purse that was gray and pink. So looking through my shelves both on my real life shelf and kindle shelf and I came upon this beauty -->
(If you haven't read that series, I suggest you read it like there's no tomorrow.)

So these are the colors I'll be using. Yeah, they're not exactly matching the cover but hey when do colors exactly match anything. I'll also be doing a new stitch that I haven't learned with this project... so this will either come out beautiful or disastrous, let's hope for the former. 

Well, wish me luck!

Busy working on my new project

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